GO Transit is Ontario’s inter-regional bus and train service. It links Toronto with outlying areas of the Greater Toronto and beyond. GO Trains and buses depart from Toronto’s Union Station at regular intervals throughout the day.

Explore Toronto on one of North America’s finest transportation systems – the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). With easy-to-navigate subways, buses and streetcars, getting around the city is a snap. When using the TTC a single fare will take you anywhere in the city on a one way trip. You can freely transfer between subways, streetcars and buses, but make sure you obtain a transfer when and where you pay your fare. On buses and streetcars, exact change is required.

MiWay is Mississauga’s public transit system. Customers can choose from two types of service: MiExpress for express travel on blue buses, and MiLocal for local travel on orange buses. Customers can find customized route and schedule information by using MiWay’s online trip planner at or by calling 905-615-INFO (4636). Twitter: @MiWayHelps


• Website:
• Telephone: 905-615-INFO (4636)


UP Express departs from both Union Station and Toronto Pearson International Airport every 15 minutes. Your journey takes just 25 minutes; it's the swiftest and most reliable way to travel.